Noir Night


We in London always like to get a sneak peek at not only fashion, but art, before it heads off to New York, which is exactly what we did today at Marco Sanges', "Beyond Decadence" exhibit. Sanges, (better known for his Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns and Italian Vogue editorials), showed off a series of outrageously sexy black and white photographs for his surprising amount of fans.

It was all very Film Noir, extremely evocative and looked like the photographic equivalent of a '40s silent film.

But Sanges is not a mere Helmut Newton copycat, if that is what you are thinking. His work has an energy of its own, and, one that caught the eye of the Elaine Guggenheim, who has selected a piece of Marco's work to be shown at a fall exhibit at NYC's The Academic. That is a pretty impressive eye to catch, and in our minds, his work is worthy of the selection. We are glad that we got to see it first and highly recommend you get a look too.


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