Nina Ricci Copping from LV?

peter copping of louis vuitton.jpg

Even though you may not be very familiar with the name Peter Copping, according to WWD, you will be very soon.

The women's studio director of Louis Vuitton, who's been with the company since 1997, is said to have already tendered his resignation, which compounds speculation of his joining the Puig Group (Nina Ricci's parent company) after having met with Puig President Mario Grauso earlier this month.

Obviously, everyone's thinking Peter's been tapped to replace Olivier, who is allegedly done at Nina Ricci after his Fall 09 show, leaving Peter in the spotlight (of course, most of the design credit at Louis Vuitton goes to Marc, not the many people who work directly under him) and Olivier unemployed.

If this is all true (which we're betting no one will no for sure until at least March), the moves would leave not only Olivier looking for yet another high-profile job (and since Rochas is currently taken by Versace veteran Marco Zanini, we can't expect the revival everybody wants) but also a pretty huge gap at Louis Vuitton.

We're guessing Kanye's dusting off his resume right about now.

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