Nicola Formichetti Needs Interns

nicola formichettis gisele v cover.jpg

Sorry dudes.

Keegan doesn't need an assistant - he loves George - but Nicola Formichetti needs a handful of interns.

Lots of them. Specifically, "girls and gays who live in New York City," as in they know their way around the city, the subway, magazines, designers, photographers, models, clothes. You must have previous fashion/styling/editorial/PR experience.

You'll assist on photo shoots, run errands and steam clothes with enthusiasm and a smile on your face. They need hard working, dedicated, passionate people to start now. It's not paid and if you can't do full time they'd like you to be on-call. Nicola works for Dazed and Confused, V Magazine, V-Man, Vogue, Bazaar, Uniqlo, Levis, Max Mara etc.

But if you didn't know that, this probably isn't the one for you. You can email his assistant at

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