Narciso, Thoughts

narciso rodriguez fall 09 pull.jpg

- Wow, with the exception of a few pieces, this is pretty much unwearable for Michelle Obama, but absolutely perfect for anybody looking to rock the body-con thing (or, the black-and-white camouflage that reminds a bit too much of Ben & Jerry's).

- More cut-outs! (see Charlotte Ronson, Behnaz, Ohne Titel, Costello, etc.) Maybe gym memberships will survive the recession after all.

- Neon! Who knew Narciso and Marc were on the same page?

- The models are wearing some kind of long hats that cover their eyes, with Batman-like slits. ...Is this political commentary or is he just picking up the cut-out trend with a bit of a peek-a-boo tie in?

- Raquel's. Closing. Dress. Is. Stunning. (Sequined, deep-cut bodice - note that the sequins have more of an overall shine effect than usual - with a simply, floaty short red skirt. One wrong move and it could have crossed the line into ice figure skater territory, but Narciso keeps it clean.)

Sorry for the lack of visuals, but even's images don't do the collection justice, let along my own. Unfortunately, these are clothes that absolutely must be appreciated in person. But don't worry, they're going to be everywhere come September.

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