More than Perfume on Paper Strips, Please


Why do European magazines always come with something extra?

In London, we picked up a bunch of teen magazines that came with glittery eye shadow and neon lipstick, (which we totally used for Henry Holland's party). The British Bazaar came with a shopping supplement that was so well done we almost forgot to read the actual magazine. ELLE came with a tote. POP came with an Agent Provocateur pullout featuring Daisy Lowe, Peaches Geldof, and the Britt and the Faran. And well, British Vogue just came with the best content ever.

And now we're in Paris, where the new L'Officiel comes with a tube of Dior mascara (!!!) and other mags squeeze books, make-up, tweezers and other swag into their plastic wrapping.

The best part is, the editorial content of these magazines is significantly better than most of what's found stateside, so there's no need for added compensation - not that we're complaining.

So what's up America, when do we get Diorshow with our five dollar magazine?!

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