Model.Live: New York Catch Up

cato vanee at marchesa spring 09.jpg

Rewind. Back to New York for just one moment.

Less than twelve hours before my really early morning flight to Heathrow, I finally got a chance to check in with VogueTV's Model.Live girls again, and see how New York was treating them.

It took so long because 1) I was super busy and 2) they were super busy and 3) everyone's busy before, during and after Fashion Week.

The girls, who cumulatively walked everything from Marc by Marc to Chris Benz to Marchesa, are having a blast so far. Their emotions differ, from Cato, who is grateful to be cast in anything, to Austria, who's never heard of the designers but is having the time of her life, to Madeline, who's a seasoned pro next to the other two.

Read on for their New York impressions (and you can read tons more at their Bebo blogs) - and stay tuned for their tunes after London this week...

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