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POP This: Here's your first peek at Dasha Zhukova's POP. Looks good so far, and love anything that pairs "Margiela with Westwood, McQueen against Watanabe’s padded extravagance," though she should stop defending herself. {Fashionologie & Interview}

Fall, For Serious: Candy & her team at Style just released their fall trend report. We'll avoid Party Like It's 1983 since we just barely missed that the first time around, but fully embrace Boudoir Crossing and Biker Brigade. {Style}

Rad Rad: If you're not yet familiar with Rad Hourani, get thee to a lookbook. The dude's going to be major. {Jak&Jil}

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie:
Just how many of these bracelets on one arm would be too many? We can't make it past the jewelry counter at J.Crew lately. Seriously, someone is doing their job very, very well. {J.Crew}

Model Citizen: Meet Damaris Lewis. She's from Brooklyn, she's eighteen, she's the face of YSL and after watching this, you'll want to eat pizza with her. {NylonTV}

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