Mid-Day Snack

little js sept teen vogue cover.jpg

Looky-Loo: Little J landed her own cover. She's looking exceptionally cute and age appropriate on the cover of Teen Vogue's September issue. {TeenVogue}

Fort Lauderdale, Really? One of our favorite hairstylists, Ted Gibson, is opening a salon in the former Spring Break mecca. But he promises it's cool now. {W}

Now That Makes More Sense: We were confused about the whole Balenciaga/Air Tahiti uniform situation when we first read about it. The Times sorts out the matter. Who knew there was such a licensee as Balenciaga Uniforms? {The Moment}

Gilt Grows: Come August 12th we'll definitely be checking out the more affordable Gilt Fuse to see if the sales are anywhere as good as so many of those on their big sister site. {Slaves To Fashion}

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