Meet Ed or Leighton, Maybe

ed leighton nikon contest.jpg

Every once in awhile websites have super random ads that make us giggle and wonder how that company chose that target audience.

We don't know how we missed this on, so thanks to reader Claudia for sending it in.

Nikon's having a Gossip Girl contest - just enter your info and a picture of your "most stylish party moment" and you might win a trip to New York, dinner at a "trendy" restaurant and obviously a Nikon Coolpix camera to record the whole thing.

But the best part's scrawled across the top in bright yellow writing, "Win a Photo Op with Leighton or Ed." If you scroll to the bottom it says in very teeny tiny font, "Meet either Leighton Meester or Ed Westwick pending their availability."

If they can't even confirm one of the stars, and they know enough about their fiercely loyal audience to advertise this contest on, they should know they can sub a meet and greet with a Lorick dress and Bendel's make-over for twice the amount of contest entries.

Or for us, at least.

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