Match Point


Fashion and tennis have always shared a special bond: Coco Chanel, Lacoste, Anna and Roger.

Today marks the beginning of the most fashionable, in our opinion, of all the Grand Slams - Wimbledon. It must be noted that I am a huge tennis fan and much like Ms. Wintour, I have much affection for Mr. Federer. Though, unfortunately I do not get the chance to frequently jet to his matches.

I look forward to seeing what the people at Nike come up with for him every year for this tournament. It's always dapper and ultra chic, like this jacket in the picture thought the cardigan sweater from last year might be my favorite.

I simply swoon over the classic gentlemanly touches and the retro feel. It just sums up everything that I think Wimbledon should be sartorially.

Maybe he can throw some advice about subtlety in fashion choices Serena Williams' way when if they cross paths at Centre Court, because we're a little unsure about the gold pants or some of her on-court choices.

Do you prefer the classic look or something a little jazzier on the court? If you like tennis, that is.

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