Married to the Model

natalia and her creepy babies.jpg

Dear Natalia,

You're basically the prettiest person we've ever seen, ever, and we smile every time we see you in the David Yurman ads or posing for DVF, or as the lone model on the cover of Vogue.

Having said that, we were all kind of freaked out by the faux-pastoral scene shot by Mario Testino with your family because, isn't it sort of creepy to have beautiful you holding your terrified children on a horse? And it's also rather disconcerting to see all of you looking in different directions, dazed.

Plus, this isn't the first time you've done the whole 'look at my gorgeous family' thing in Vogue, but at a time when ostentation couldn't be more inappropriate, this seems out of place.

We do have fond memories of the shots of Stella Tennant with her family, but that had an interview to accompany it, and was all about personal style, which made sense. But just seeing the Portman clan hanging out and playing dress up looking like Peter and Wendy grown up is just awkward.

I'm sure if you asked him nicely Mario would have done this shoot just for you.

Just saying.


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