Marc Makes a Spash (Again)

marc jacobs splash.jpg

For some people, the first hint that spring is on its way is jumping ahead an hour for Daylight Savings. For others, it’s that first day you really contemplate busting out that sundress you ordered on Shopbop three months ago (we miss you already balmy Sunday).

For me, I get ready to break out my warm weather wardrobe when Marc Jacobs releases his summer fragrance Splashes. To go with the re-releases of two of his prior bestsellers, Rain and Cucumber, he's added Lemon to the mix (on counters now) which means you're just a few spritzes away from smelling like July.

The $68 price-tag might make you want to protest Sephora, but keep this in mind: I bought a bottle of Rain when it first launched back in 2006, which I spray on myself compulsively. After three years, there's only about a quarter gone.

So you can think of it as the Costco version of Marc Jacobs, which sounds just about perfect for Summer 09.


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