Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic

malibu barbie.jpg

Fall 09 Fashion Week's theme is turning out half-Barbie, half-recession.

While more and more designers pull out and scale back, Barbie's taking on New York with all the force her tiny waist can muster.

First up, it's two days of Barbie makeovers at the 5th Avenue Sephora. To celebrate the doll's golden anniversary, Stila's releasing five limited-edition Barbie Beauty Cans. Each one's full of all the make-up you need to make your face look like either Ponytail Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Foxy Barbie or Jewel Barbie.

Stila's make-up artists will be there Friday, February 6th and Saturday, February 7th from 12pm to 6pm.

So if you see us out and about looking a little too Malibu for a New York winter, just know we're revving ourselves up for this kind of unusual Fashion Week.

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