Less Fashion Week?

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Today's WWD put a little scare in our breakfast: Fern Mallis said she's fielded some questions from some "major designers" about showing at Bryant Park this coming Fashion Week, which, believe it or not, is less than three months away.

The catch? These "major designers" don't usually show at the tents, usually opting for more luxurious off-site locations like the Altman Building or at Bumble & Bumble. It seems that - surprise, surprise - designers are finding themselves with less cash in recent days, so super expensive locations around the city might take a seat behind just showing at the tents, a much cheaper, and more practical option.

And all those parties and store openings and bottles of mini-champagne under the seats? Who knows - they're certainly not necessities, which means they won't necessarily be accounted for this February.

So could we be looking at a completely different Fashion Week? Imagine Alexander Wang at The Promenade instead of the Eyebeam, or Ohne Titel at the Tent (no macaroons!) Imagine the younger designers clumping their shows together to split costs, or just not showing at all.

The lone, bright spot in all this? The more designers that show at the Tents, the less running around and cab hunting on the part of show attendees and models, which could lead to shows actually being on time consistently through the week.

So, less shows, smaller shows, less fun, and everything on time? Alas Fashion Week, we knew you well.

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