Jill Munroe Was My Hair Hero


Not to turn Fashionista into a sad place, but another style icon did pass away yesterday and we should give her some props, too.

Farrah Fawcett was definitely one of the greatest beauty icons of all time. Really, who didn't want to look like that lady at some point in life? Especially in the red Norma Kamali bathing suit, with perfectly tousled and feathered hair.

As much as Michael Jackson represented the 80s, Farrah was the 70s.

As a former beauty editor, I can't even count the number of times that I referenced "The Farrah" (or the "Jill Munroe" as my Charlie's Angels-obsessed self preferred) and worked on creating updated versions on set with a hair stylist and a model.

"The Rachel" was nothing in comparison to what this 'do did to the nation. I'm pretty sure all of my mom's friends (um, and their daughters) tried to rock it out at some point. And it was 100% percent American, worn by a girl from small town Texas.

Now, we love our Brazilians, eastern Europeans, and Russians as much as any model-philes, but Farrah had that quintessential All-American beauty that we actually don't see very often on the runways these days.

Perhaps it's time for a revival. Just a thought.

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