It's That TIME Again

tom ford and stella mccartney.jpg

TIME Magazine loves their lists.

They're already working on the 100 Most Influential People of 2009, and for the first time they're letting readers get in on the voting process.

In the Best Designer category, they've lumped together fashion, art and architecture - though the latter two categories include Renzo Piano, Damien Hirst, Rem Koolhas and Takashi Murakami, all of whom have serious fashion cred.

The actual fashion designers on the list include Stella McCartney and Tom Ford, though we wonder if Stella's influence comes more from her commitment to veganism than necessarily pushing fashion forward. As for Tom Ford, he's influenced Brad Pitt and caused a toe-sucking uproar,but hasn't necessarily started a fashion revolution this particular year.

Granted, it's unusually early in the year to pick the most influential designer of 09. Bu given the season we've just seen, who would you pick?

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