If You Hate the Smell of Roasting Chestnuts…


We realize that the Six Scents fragrances came out about a month ago, but we're revisiting them because they're on sale on Oak's website and because we think they're kind of the ultimate go to holiday gift.

Here's why:

1.Only 2000 bottles were made which means it's officially the best limited edition thing you can give under $100.

2. Each scent is a product of a collaboration between two designers which means it's definitely the only thing you can score by Gareth Pugh for under $100.

3. You can pick from names like "Illicit Sex" and "Teen Spirit".

4. Each scent comes with a limited edition box. We'd like Gareth and Emile's Skull design, thanks mom.

5. Sales benefit AIDS awareness.

So if you need a personal gift for someone you actually care about or if you're just in the mood to treat yourself to something nice - it's Friday, there's a blizzard and we think you deserve it.


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