I Wanna Trovata

trovata aw09 .JPG

Yesterday's intimate Trovata show made me wish I was on the beach in California, with candles and boys who actually dress like that.

John Whiltledge might not be leading a fashion revolution, but he consistently presents clothes that everyone wants to wear. This season that meant slouchy cardigans and prairie blouses, skinny black pants tied with satin ribbons at the ankle, white Katharine Hepburn pants, suspenders, bow ties and navy blue slip dresses.

The models had trouble navigating their X walking pattern, most of them broke into smiles before they made it backstage, which made the clothes all the more appealing.

One got the feeling the Trovata racks at Barneys this fall will be as frequented by the Kate Schelters and Amy Astleys in the front row as the hipsters in standing.

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