Goodwill: Hotspot?

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On Halloween, the Times reported that Goodwill is trying to change its image into more of a consignment shop rather than a place of "charity" by hosting fashion shows online, and promoting good deals on the blog DC Goodwill Fashionista.

And now, the Wall Street Journal says consignment shops as a whole are doing incredibly well right now, with about 66% of resale and thrift stores watching their sales climb, and about 85% reporting an increase in new customers. Meanwhile, more and mroe high-end stores are trying to figure out their place in the current economic climate and we're witnessing more sales than ever, even at the good shops.

Which kind of makes this new Goodwill perfectly positioned for this new predilection towards good clothes that's cheaper just because it's been worn. Though we wonder about the supply of clothes there possibly dwindling for the people that shop there out of necessity rather than trends - and yes, what about all those hipsters who love to brag over their $2 Goodwill tees? Will they react to the trend by taking their dollars elsewhere?

So many questions.

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