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LOVE isn't the only new magazine making a splash in London:

Some of the !WOWOW! kids (a group made of dj's, artists, designers and stylists, which once included Gareth Pugh - kind of like what the MisShapes are in New York, only we had Family, Anti Social and Boombox) have come together to start a new London-based magazine, WAR.

The new title's main focuses are fashion, style, opinion and politics with the art direction overseen by 22 year-old creative Kate Moross (not a spelling mistake).

But the most exciting part is that WAR needs you. Each issue, they want "real people" to contribute to the magazine, in the shape of photos, articles and opinions. Basically anything goes, and I mean anything!

If you think your work is up to scratch, check out their Facebook page, or send them an email at contribute[at]warmagazine.com


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