First Look: Giles Deacon

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And now, a note from Faran...

I got lost on the way home from Giles Deacon. The show started two hours late, which is fine, except suddenly I was walking down a dark alley at 10 pm, somewhere in London that I'd never seen before. And yeah, I was terrified.

"Hey there," said a voice from behind, and I was like, "Oh god, I'm going to have to kick someone's ass and run away," but instead when I whirled it was Gareth Pugh. "Hi," I said, startled, quick kiss. "I'm good, I'm totally lost. Which way is the Tube?" Gareth pointed and I fled, flustered, and five seconds later I was at Victoria Station, the biggest train site in the city.

So I guess I was worried over nothing, but maybe the fear of being chased had less to do with the Buffy reruns I still watch, and more to do with Giles' show:

The whole thing was Pac Man. Seriously. Lara Stone was dressed in a pink dress with a cloud of yellow hair, and every sixth model or so, she'd come out directly behind another girl as if she were chasing her. The floor was dotted with neon yellow bits. The entrance was guarded by a giant plastic Pac Man ghost. The whole thing was predator and prey, and the clothes were pretty great. Not ground breaking, not "you're such a genius," but you'd want to wear almost everything. Silk dresses had armored chests of sheeny nylon. White dresses exploded at the waist, a cloud of keep-away-from-me fabric that was sexy and warning at once. It was modern to the point of invoking "futurism," a term best laid on the best work of Hussein Chalayan but spreading to Balenciaga and now, definitely, here.

Giles builds an incredible dress for a cool girl, that's for sure. And when you sew Jessica Stam into that dress and send her walking, it's a no-lose situation.

Also: The front row had Mischa Barton and Emma Watson, and now looking over this post, I think maybe the fear of being chased had less to do with Pac Man, and more to do with Dementors invading Little Whinging... but if I was "cool" enough to basically sneak into the Giles show with Alexa Chung, I probably shouldn't mention my Harry Potter obsession anymore, huh?

Love you guys (especially my Gryffindors), xo F.

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