Elle's Beautiful Life

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The latest member of fashion's TV takeover?

Elle MacPherson.

The supermodel's signed on to Ashton Kutcher's CW pilot, A Beautiful Life, the same one for which Mischa Barton's interrupting those Shakespeare studies.

Elle plays Claudia (so if Claudia Schiffer guest stars, does she get to be Elle?), a supermodel from the 80's who still happens to be smoking hot. In her spare time, she runs the top New York Model agency, Focus models, "with the efficiency and toughness of a dictator."

Natalie can't figure out if this is a genuine drama or a satire on drama because she says you coulodn't possibly cast Mischa Barton on another CW soap if it's supposed to be taken seriously.

I think it's reality TV with prettier people and a script.

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