Downtown Pedaling


While the London Topshop is in a tizzy over swine flu, the New York Topshop is giving out gifts!

Well...not exactly, but the store will be loaning out bikes from June 20th to the 27th and as far as we've heard, they're free.

Topshop is showing some love for the city by helping to encourage city slickers to stay fit and have fun. While there probably won't be a lot of actual commuters standing around at Topshop waiting for a bike to head to work, we're hoping the New York biking trend will keep on growing to keep our city cleaner (fuel emission wise) and less congested.

We've been skeptically and cautiously wondering how easy biking in heels and a dress is for some time now, thanks to Scott, so maybe it's time to give it a try? But we will definitely be sporting a helmet, and thankfully Topshop will provide you one along with the bike.

In case you needed an excuse to whip out a new (or old) pair of bike shorts...


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