Do You Icon?

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Fashionista Debate # 749

Once again, the office was in heated debate over a super important issue: Do you have a fashion icon?

As usual, Natalie's adamant: no, decidedly not. But I wonder, how can this be possible?

Everyone should have an icon, someone to look to when you can't figure out which socks to wear, someone to grab ideas from, someone that just makes you smile.

When the topic came up, I stared at Britt expecting an immediate, "Gwyneth Paltrow." But she didn't say it, so I did. To my surprise, she didn't say "Duh" in that funny Cher Horowitz way she has. She was on the fence about the whole icon status. Sure, she writes love letters to Gwyn, but never thought about how she loves Stella and McQueen and structured blazers and white t shirts and major shoes the same way the super mom does.

And okay, so Hayley has a Holy Trinity (Kate, Jane, Brigitte) that she loves to look at and I can't stop staring at Ezra Koenig every chance I get, but who's in the majority?

Do you have an icon, a couple of icons, do you even know that you have an icon, or do you march to the beat of your own stylist?


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