Dissecting Gwyneth's GOOP

gwyneth GOOP 5.jpg

Waiting for us in our Inbox yesterday, was a gem from the mind of our girl crush Gwyneth Paltrow. Like we told you, G has alot of stuff to tell us about life and shares it in the form of a sporadic newsletter (i.e. whenever she wants). This time, the topic was GET, her generic term for shopping and fashion, and that should tell you a lot.

1. Before she had children, she had an hour in the morning to "stand in front of my closet and try to figure out what to wear". Seriously? The woman filmed a movie a minute, and managed, but now that she has two children and two nannies, and makes a sporadic movie (i.e. whenever she wants), she can't find the time?

2. House slippers? I get it, you're running around with your kids, but in slippers? How about those cute Repetto flats you reccomend a few scrolls down?

3. She references wearing a uniform in high school. This is significant because she rarely alludes to her days at Spence, and all I keep thinking is she must have been a Serena.


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