Confirmed: Beyonce Swaps Pugh for Mugler

beyonce sasha fierce in thierry mugler.jpg

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The day before Thanksgiving, they predicted that Beyonce, who was jiggling on the Today Show that morning, would announce that Thierry Mugler would be designing the costumes for her upcoming Sasha Fierce tour.

But even though we paced between rooms to try to catch the announcement for over two hours, which never happened, we're not mad, because it turns out they were totally right.

Beyonce, who's lately taken to performing in Pugh, will rock a 58-piece rotation of Mugler designs, surrounded by back-up dancers, singers and band members all also donning Mugler - he'll even serve as the Creative Director, which means he picks the lighting, consults on choreography, and directs several segments (god we hope it looks like Too Funky), including one called "Ave Maria."

Which kind of makes Mugler the new Madonna/Lacroix. Or, we need more latte.

PS Is it possible that MTV is not in on some kind of documentary for this? Because True Life: Thierry Goes Fierce would be the perfect Sunday lunch.

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