Can Anyone Else Do the Alice?

trying the alice dellal at home small.jpg

Living with two girls who both work in fashion is a godsend. Not only are they aware of current trends for women, but they also have a huge interest in boys (menswear of course).

So on a gloomy London morning when I was overheard complaining about shaving, my very caring roommate decided we should go out and by me a beard trimmer. It would apparently give me designer stubble and the appearance of someone who doesn’t really shave but maintains a rough look. Brilliant.

Little did I know the fun that would come with the beard trimmer I now own and the late night experimenting on other members of our “fashion” flat.

You can probably guess what happened, so I'll spare you the details and go straight to the burning question:

Can a girl pull off an Alice Dellal-inspired shaved side?

Let us know, and if you have pictures, well, you know what to do.


[Editor's Note: Natalie and Britt recently met Johanna, one of the Stylista contestants, in person. She had a somewhat shaved side (more of a very close crop, if you want to get technical), and we have to say, it looked amazing, mostly because it was so subtle. Just a little PS since we would have immediately answered Br(it)'s question with a loud-as-hell no - though we think his friend pulls of the true shave quite well.]

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