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The new GOOP just landed in our inbox.

We didn't even make it past the introductory note to Gwyneth's sure to be groundbreaking Spring wardrobe suggestions because she mentioned she'd done a bit of spring cleaning, the highlights of which landed in her GOOP e-bay store.

She's selling off some mind-blowing, probably barely worn, stuff including a handful of Chanel bags, dresses from Balenciaga, Michael Kors, tops from Helmut Lang and Marni, Prada, Proenza and Vivier shoes.

Clothes are in the 4/6 range, shoes are size 8.5/9, bags are for everyone and prices are insanely low at the moment- $62 for the Proenza shoes, $146 for the Balenciaga dress.

Profits from the auction go to Robin Hood Foundation, a New York charity that targets poverty within the city. So say what you will about Gwyneth, but you know you'd get a kick out of owning her particular Burberry studded sandals via charity.

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