But How Much Will You Spend?

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We're all pretty well-versed in the recent onslaught of news regarding the economy and shopping - consumer confidence is down, sales are down, parties are down, etc.

And recently, the news has been all about how much everybody plans to spend, or not spend, this holiday season. Guess what? Polls show that most people plan to spend less, look for more sales, and, according to the National Retail Federation, almost 70% of those polled said they'll be doing they're holiday spending at discount stores.

But since our reaction to polls are usually more like, "How come I wasn't polled? Were you polled? Why am I never polled for anything ever, and yet made to believe every poll I read?" So we thought we'd ask you guys for responses we know are real, especially since you're who we talk to most about shopping, anyway.

So, what are you doing this holiday season? Are you going to spend less, more? Will you shop at Barneys, Macy's or the dollar store? Will you spend as much as last year? More?

And here's something else to think about: According to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, 8% of 1,000 Americans polled said they would spend more this holiday season if Obama became the President, claiming even that the election was the most decisive factor in their holiday spending, more important than even stock market news and job security - does that hold true for you, too? Or do you perhaps think polls are crap in general?

Because really, we actually do want to know.

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