Bill Blass is Hiring

bill blass fall 08 look with teal.jpg

It's been months since the post-Peter Som saga at Bill Blass got a new chapter, so here's the latest:

Peacock International Holdings LLC, the company that bought the Bill Blass Ltd name at the end of last year, is officially looking for a creative director to bring the brand back to the runway. They want to start getting women's and men's designed for later this year, which means Peacock must be gunning for representation at the Spring 2010 shows in New York.

The good news is that it at least looks like Peacock wants to keep Bill Blass as a brand that produces collections each season, which is more than we thought they'd do since it's so easy to throw a recognizable name on a package of pantyhose.

But the bad news: Who wants to pick up the reigns at a house nobody expects to succeed? Perhaps that no-name creative director trend will come in handy...

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