Barneys' Beijing Brouhaha

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The Post devotes some serious space to Barneys' possible Beijing expansion today.

Basically, according to sources, the store might be looking to grow in China, as well as Dubai and Macau, even though their previous stateside expansions (Boston, Dallas, Vegas) have been less than well-received - not to mention they can't hang on to that Meatpacking District location.

And despite the fact that China's rife with competition, including the almost perfect Lane Crawford, and that Barneys is totally unfamiliar with the Chinese luxury market and still lacks a CEO, they're going ahead and talking to architects and looking at sites on the ground in Beijing.

Nothing like spitting in the face of a recession. If they're determined to press on with the opening of new stores, they're going to have to reduce their Goyard, Valentino, Lanvin stock to one piece per location.

Can you see it now?

Julie Gilhart fights for the Rodarte dress while IM Pei demands, "No, we need to put a window here," and Simon Doonan sqeals, "We must have both!" and all the while there's no CEO to mediate.

It doesn't take an MBA to realize now's not the best time to say, "Ni hao."

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