As If!


Here at Fashionista, we're obsessed with everything Clueless. From Tai's "rollin' with the homies", to Pismo Beach disaster relief and Travis Birkenstock to Amber avoiding activities where balls fly at her face.

But of course, at the core, there is the clothing. The checks, the knee socks, Tai's makeover.

And, without fail, every time we catch this classic on USA or TBS, the scene of Cher planning and matching her outfit on her computer makes us painfully envious.

So when we read about an interactive closet, a la Cher's, in the NY Post, we were clearly excited.

On Monday, XBox 360 unveiled their new technology called Project Natal--a controller-free gaming system. We know, we know, this doesn't sound particularly interesting. Until you watch this video. At around the 2:20 mark, you'll understand.

Now, if we could do away with mirrors and rely solely on Polaroids, like our cinematic alter ego, getting dressed would be perfected.


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