Albert & Aggy DJ for Animals

albert and aggy dj for animals.jpg

We just got our invite to the Cool Vs. Cruel Awards.

And despite the fact that some think she's "too everywhere," we're kind of thrilled to see both Agyness and Albert Hammond Jr.'s names under DJs. The model's kind of dropped off the fashion radar since she got a rock star boyfriend and we're excited to have her back in New York. Plus, they win our cutest (real-life-not-Chuck-&-Blair) couple award.

The ceremony, which recognizes animal friendly fashion design, take place at the Bowery Hotel next week. Calvin Klein, Marc Bouwer and Urban Outfitters will be honored for their "commitment to fur-free fashion."

Urban should take that commitment one step further and sell a little bit less creepy faux-fur.

Anyway, the committee includes Charlotte Ronson, Maggie Rizer, Sue Stemp, Steven Klein and Nate Lowman. So of course we're going, because despite that Oprah denial, MK is totes Nate's gf.

(But, we just realized, MK wears fur. That might be awkward.)

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