Adventures in Stealing

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Brace yourself, Mr. Lagerfeld.

We just spotted this "Coco Chanel Genuine Mink Charm Bracelet" on Etsy.

It's being sold by PoetSummer who says she's trying out some new designs. For this particular piece, she's linked black and white pictures of the designer with actual mink, Eiffel tower charms, vintage rhinestones, pearls and the focal point - interlocking C's.

She's selling it for $99 and will you give you two chains so that you can wear the "piece of art" as a bracelet or a necklace.

What she doesn't mention is that she's using another company's logo and images to make a profit. Someone should probably let the artist know that Chanel has one of the strictest copy policies in the industry and goes so far as to take out ads in newspapers and magazines warning people against breathing the name Chanel inappropriately - let alone using their logo.

So if she can't come up with any new ideas, we'd suggest selling Chanel's logo someplace other than the internet.

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