Adventures in Copyright: Save the Studs

suede booties.jpg

We've obviously been spending a serious amount of time shopping online.

Margiela and Miu Miu cost less than Michael Kors these days and that, we love.

These booties top our list of discoveries. Booties are our favorite winter shoe - they're far more practical than pumps, warmth wise, they aren't as serious as boots and they're fancy enough to wear out to dinner. Basically, these Miu Miu's are perfect and not even a little bit boring.

Then we found these same exact booties, minus the real suede, minus the option for purple and plus the unsightly addition of studs.

While studs can be great (thanks Alexander Wang), these look more like an inexpensive attempt to combine this season's signature Gucci studs and Miu Miu's simple design without the quality that makes each special in the first place.

So we say, if you're going to rip something off, stick to one Italian designer at a time and stay away, far away from fake suede.


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