Adventures in Copyright: Crossing la Ligne


Sølve Sundsbø shot the wonderful "Points a la Ligne" for Numéro last year in May.

We loved the Norwegian photographer's eerie and sexy spread featuring a pancaked Edita Vilkeviciute's body covered in various shadowed patterns.

Seems for the editorial's one year anniversary Allure Korea and photographer Lee Kyung Ryul did a little more than pay homage to Sundsbø's work in their May 2009 issue. In some of the shosts the model, Han Jin, is actually wearing clothing (unlike Edita) and they went beyond the strict geometric patterns that Sundsbø used, but it's still unquestionably similar to the photos from "la Ligne".

Okay, so plenty of fashion photographers have taken inspiration from any number of photographers from Avedon to Penn and so many other talents - and that's great. But this comparison is beyond simple inspiration and comes pretty darn soon after the original shoot. Sundsbø presented a unique image that Kyung Ryul recreated nearly identically. The heights of creativity reached in contemporary fashion photography is awe-inspiring and that's why an original perspective will just always be more interesting.


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