Adventures in Copyright: Buckle Me Curious

marc jacobs and walmart wallet are too alike around the buckle area.jpg

So you probably know Norma Kamali did a line for Walmart. Everything in the collection is exactly what you'd expect - cocoon sweaters, cropped jersey jogging pants, tank dresses, etc. But she also ventured into shoes and accessories which aren't exactly typical.

The only Norma Kamali accessories we remember are her signature turbans and the occasional sunglasses. Now she can add the patent wristlet clutch to her repertoire - or can she? The clutch seems a little too reminiscent of that signature Marc Jacobs key ring pouch that your little sister, best friend, and even mom might have.

We really love that Norma Kamali joined everyone else in doing a cheaper line for a large retail chain, but that doesn't mean you have to change up other designers' ideas. Just saying.


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