A Gap & Pantone Mimosa

gap and pantone do mimosa.jpg

Gap's mini-5th Avenue concept store is getting a new tenant.

Patrick Robinson's teamed up with the people at Pantone for a line of brightly colored tees to fill in the pop up shop: "We wanted to create an explosion of color and bring some warmth and optimism to our customers."

And since Pantone's color of the year is Mimosa, the explosion is particularly sunny. Gap's basic crew necks for men and v-necks for women will come in Pantone shades - we really hope they include cerulean - at the Gap & Pantone T-Shop which will also sell Pantone-colored office supplies, books, accessories and general trinkets.

It's open today through February 8th. We suggest buying the shirt with this year's color so you can tell everyone you know exactly what an $18 mimosa looks like.

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