First Word: Bouley Overcomes Major CB2 Obstacle

David Bouley and Community Board 1 waged an epic battle earlier this year over his multi-story restaurant/cooking school Brush Stroke, so we were curious how the notoriously tough Community Board 2 would take to him and his project at 10 Hudson Square. Well, they were prickly at first but were quickly brought to David's side.

Last night reps for the busy Bouley appeared before the CB2 SLA Licensing Committee to urge the community to approve their liquor license ap for the space (before it goes before the actual SLA).

According to their presentation, the operation will be almost identical to the current (pre-relocation) Bouley—a combination of small restaurant downstairs with retail space, a bakery not unlike at Bouley, upstairs. They were seeking a liquor license only for the downstairs restaurant, which confused some committee members to no end.

The restaurant will have 45 seats and will serve a bistro menu. An attached small bar will serve sushi and made-to-order sandwiches. Eventually, the committee came around, understanding that at Bouley, "we don't do bars, we don't do discos." The Committee denied the application should the applicant not meet their stipulations, including both a revised copy designating the area of the establishment to be licensed and the square footage of that area. While technically it's a denial, he should have no problem meeting the stipulations and getting the final approval.
— Reporting by Noah Adler
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