First Word: 19 Kenmare Finally Approved by Divided CB2 Full Board

After a long public session where numerous members of the community spoke out both for and against Travertine, the newest project at 19 Kenmare, and after a half hour of discussion within the community board itself, the board finally approved the liquor license application for the space in a close 17 to 14 vote. The supporters—both those incited by the Bowery Presents email and rank and file board members—cited the merits of the owners Dustin and Danae Cappelletto, the need for a restaurant on the dark and somewhat dangerous Kenmare St., and a frustration with the history of the address. 85 letters of support were submitted. At one point chair Brad Hoylman noted that if this application couldn't pass, there was no hope for any restaurant,"What are we holding out for?"

Opponents went back to the age old refrains of oversaturation and the 500 foot rule. Some members, including the SLA committee chair, wanted to bring the application back before the committee for yet another month while others wanted more serious architectural drawings.

But in an incredibly close vote, the yeas had it. The crowd applauded, the owners embraced, and Danae Cappelletto exited the meeting crying. Yes, the CB brought her to tears. But in all, Hoylman ran a tight ship, keeping the crazy outbursts to a minimum, the outraged neighborhood types at bay. Coming up next: the final word on McNally, The Beatrice, Gatsby's, Bobo, and more.
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