Finger Lickin’ Chicken Heading to Gramercy

The spot will open in the spring

Claude Giroux
Getty Images

It's more than a food, it's an obsession, and now a new fried chicken joint is fixin' to grease some plates in Manhattan.

Hill Country, the Texas barbecue joint in Gramercy, will open a fried chicken place in the same neck of the woods this spring.

Feedbag puts the exact location at the corner of 25th Street and Broadway. 

Owner Marc Glosserman says that the new restaurant, which was inspired by his grandmother’s recipe, will be selling two kinds of (deep, not pan) fried chicken, both under the direction of Hill Country executive chef Elizabeth Karmel, Feedbag said.

The place will be big -- 2,700 square feet --and there will also be fresh pies and biscuits, house-made ice cream, and a sidewalk cafe.

We can't wait!

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