“Epic” Hollister Store Opens Thursday

The massive new space boasts an actual pier and lifeguards

WWD got a sneak peek inside the newest addition to the Abercrombie & Fitch empire, the massive new Hollister store on the corner of Broadway and Houston in Soho, and apparently it's pretty over-the-top. First of all, the shop has already installed several attractive males dressed as lifeguards -- complete with red board shorts and sunscreen on their noses -- to stand outside and herald the store's impending opening, gladiator-style (thanks to the Shophound for the incredible shots).
The summer fun continues as you walk inside, where there is an actual pier just inside the entrance, which looks out over the massive space. Oh, and did we mention the 77 flat screens with a live feed of Huntington Beach, California? Yep, like we said, it's a little over-the-top.
Overall, the gigantic store is an attempt to show A&F is not slowing down, depspite a serious sales slump for the company (32 percent in the month of June alone). WWD emphasized the "sexual overtones" (hello, lifeguards) and "aspirational product" in the store, and CEO Michael Jeffries stressed that "Hollister is all about fun colors and graphics," adding: "We continue to be a destination for anything plaid." Now THAT's sexy!
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