Don't Sacrifice Style for Puddles

Everyone knows e.e. cummings' brilliant description of springtime as "mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful," but all New Yorkers know that the most despicable wet weather is often in the fall. Anyone who's suffered the indignity of stepping into a puddle in mid-November knows the experience is far from wonderful: indeed there's probably nothing worse than wet boots in 45-degree weather. We get chills just thinking about it.

And so it was that every New Yorker caught a first glimpse of the world of wet and cold on Saturday, as the wind howled and the rain seemed to go every which way but down. Whether it was our native impulse to keep our toesies warm or an odd longing to look like Kate Moss at the Glastonbury music festival (wearing a minidress and Wellies as only Kate can), it's time to dig up a rash of incarnations of the waterproof staple. Preppy Upper East Siders are clamoring for Burberry's iconic check version and Tory Burch's posh-equestrian style, while folks in the west village have been lining up outside Marc Jacobs for his colorful boots or nearby Juicy's (frankly a little Louis Vuitton circa 2001). Traditionalists still favor Hunter's original, but at this rate the choices are becoming limitless. Even Vans as their own take on the trend ... we're still holding out for Vivienne Westwood, but chances are we couldn't afford it.

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