The Dirtbombs Play Free Show


Long-running Detroit garage rock warhorses The Dirtbombs will play a free show on Dec. 17 at 127 E. 23rd St. This affair is sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum, and you can RSVP here. This will obviously be a 21 and over affair. 

Mick Collins and company have been doing their thing for a long time, and it's entirely possibly that you've taken their existence for granted, and thought to yourself  "I know they sweat blood onstage, and there's nobody else in rock willful enough to insist on using a two-bass and two drum lineup to deliver stripped down Motor City rock, and there's no one else who would think it would be a groovy idea to do a covers album of Detroit house music classics like 'Bug In The Bassbin,'  but these guys will be around forever. I'll catch them next time."

Well, that's a bad attitude to have, sir. There are only so many Mick Collins in the world. Don't take them for granted.

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