Cymbals Eat Guitar to Play Bowery With Cursive


Sardonic Omaha art-rockers Cursive are taking Staten Island's own Cymbals Eat Guitars on tour, which means that Cursive's previously announced stops at the Bowery Ballroom on April 3 and 4 will now have two different bands that specialize in album-length story cycles. Tickets are available here.

Cursive first gained attention for Domestica, an album-length exploration of a dying marriage, and followed that up with The Ugly Organ, a Dave Eggers-like exploration of the need to write songs about your personal life, and the emotional cost it takes. (Real talk: it's one of the most underrated albums of the last decade, and not just because the cello makes everything sound extra-epic.)

Cursive followed that up with Happy Hollow, which looked at how residents of a religious small town were were defined by or chaffed against faith. On Feb. 21 the group will release I Am Gemini, a tale about two twin brothers, one good and one evil, reuniting after being separated at birth. It's worth mentioning that frontman Tim Kasher has recently begun a screenwriting career in addition to his music job.

Last year Cymbals Eat Guitars released Lenses Alien, which saw the band move beyond their love of Built to Spill and Modest Mouse to find a more singular take on expansive guitar-pop. It's not as literal a narrative, but each song seems to address loss of innocence and youth fading in a different way, from heart attack to death. (It sure sounds like someone eats it at the end of "Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)."  

Cliff Notes will not be available at these shows, so make sure to pay attention, because there will be a quiz later. 

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