Cutting Out Meat Leads to Cutting the Cheese?

PETA isn't winning any fans by asking the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys, and Yvo Sin (a.k.a. Feisty Foodie) isn't likely to convert many people to vegetarianism either. Five weeks ago, the shameless carnivore decided to go meat-free for a period of time, just to see if she could indulge the veggie-loving side of herself. That's right, she likes vegetables, which makes her observations, below, all the more interesting. Particularly the idea that going meatless may make you less popular in the elevator. Common wisdom would have it the other way around. Is she just blowing hot air?

  • Vegetarian diets are very gassy.
  • It isn't impossible to eat out (as a vegetarian), but it is a big hassle unless you're OK being "that girl" who has to ask a million and two questions about every dish that you maybe could eat ... this will make you appreciate being a non-allergic/non-restricted person if you go back to eating meat. Also, even though it isn't impossible to eat out, there will be excursions with your meat-eating friends that you just can't justify attending because there will be absolutely nothing for you to eat.
  • There is such a thing as too many vegetables, and it will make you appreciate the fact that you're probably eating at home because of the previous paragraph ... therefore much closer to the comfort of your own bathroom.
  • It is virtually impossible to subscribe to a low carb ethic. You need carbs to fill you up or balance out your meal (because there IS such a thing as too many vegetables -- just trust me on that one, ok?) a little bit.
  • Vegetarian diets are very gassy.
  • Especially initially, as people find out you've given up meat, expect people you don't know very well to say jerkfaced things to you and/or act like you just announced your intentions to raise your babies, conceived with an alien, alone. "What do you MEAN, you've given up meat? WHY?!" Yes, even my temporary hiatus had people reacting like this. People that I didn't know very well and wouldn't have told about the hiatus except they were around while I was struggling to find something to eat at a gathering at someone's home.
  • Also, the first thing people will tell you if you say "I don't feel so well," (if they know you don't eat meat) is to eat meat. Or take supplements. Sometimes both. Even after you explain that you won't eat meat or take supplements, they will tell you that you are silly and you can't have it all. I did. You can (if you so choose).
  • Vegetarian foods or all vegetable dishes tend to be a bit bland and/or boring. They lack a lot of umami (I realize I didn't have a lot of tomatoes during this time -- they're not in season, and contain a lot of umami flavors), and ...
  • I now understand why my vegetarian buddy, and why a lot of vegetarian foods, are spicy or meant to be spicy. It kicks things up and keeps the palate interested.
  • Vegetarian diets are very gassy.
  • It is possible to eat a completely vegetarian meal and feel not just full, not just satisfied, but completely sated and happy.
  • I don't need to eat meat at/with every meal, though I don't think I'll begin a strict vegetarian diet -- in fact, this weekend promises to be a meat-atarian one -- but I can definitely stand to start dropping meat from a few meals each week.
  • Keeping vegetarian tends to require a lot of advance planning in order to eat well and nutritiously, otherwise you're SOL and have to resort to eating pizza or soup or other random crap that isn't healthy, like french fries (which may or may not be fried in oil that has also been used for non-vegetarian foods), onion rings (ditto), or piecing together meals from the most random of things.
  • The general food world is not ready to be completely vegetarian friendly.
  • Vegetarian diets? They are extremely gassy.

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