Cut Up Candy to Eat Less of It

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You may feel silly doing it, but if you apply a gourmet-dining habit of carefully cutting up even the junkiest of foods, you'll probably end up eating less of it.

A recent study found that when people sliced candies in half, they wound up eating less of the snacks, the LA Times reports.

Of the 33 participants -- almost all of them normal-weight female college students -- the ones who ate the candies whole ended up consuming about 60 calories more than the ones who cut up their candies.

There were no real differences between the groups in terms of hunger, how much the test subjects liked the candies, and whether they ate candy on a regular basis, said the LA Times. And the results weren't affected by variables like age, food intake control, body mass index of how much time the participants spent exercising.

Simply, the very act of cutting up the food -- perhaps an application of mindful eating -- seemed to satisfy the subjects sooner.

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