Crystal Stilts Drop Album and Video, Play New York Shows

Yesterday saw the release of Crystal Stilt’s second LP, In Love With Oblivion. The moody shoegazers from Brooklyn surf the darker side of the lo-fi wave, having more in common with Joy Division, Sonic Youth or even 13th Floor Elevators than the brighter side of psychedelia – although In Love With Oblivion sees the Stilts a little more melodic, a little less monotone than their previous LP Alight of Night. Both LPs are out on Slumberland.

The group also just dropped this new video for the great cut from In Love With Oblivion, “Silver Sun.” It’s like watching a Man Ray film, but the soundtrack actually makes sense. How the band actually matched its sound visually is pretty impressive.
The Stilts play Le Poisson Rogue this Saturday and Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday.

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