Cheap-o-Ween: NYC's Bargain Thrills

Disco bloodbaths, Poe-themed performers, life-sized tornadoes… and nothing over $20

Because those glittery gloves for your Michael Jackson costume are pricey (tip: find another Jacko, buy a pair and split the cost), the folks over at the cheap-and-free-fun-in-NYC website/newsletter the skint have rounded up a mondo list of bargain Halloween events, costume discounts, and more. Some highlights:

10/28 8pm: the main squeeze orchestra (all-female, all-accordion) perform a special halloween show @ galapagos, $10

10/30 7-10pm, halloween @ city requilary features an edgar allan poe performance, dance show, musical saw performance, more, $5

10/31 8pm: the greatest halloween party ever 5: 'the annihilation of oz,' feat. a life-sized tornado, fighting tree see-saw, dorothy's demolished bedroom, ball pit. free beer 8-9pm, pierogies 8-10pm. warsaw, $20

Life-sized tornadoes! Epic! For the full list, head to

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