Touring Brooklyn on the Cheap


The Daily News has found a way to stretch out your dollars in our ever-more-expensive borough, Got a hundred bucks to spend? They've laid out some sample itineraries so you can eat, shop, dance and then crash at a hotel (or hotel-like establishment) for one Ben Franklin. Here are a few: The Greenpoint YMCA will put you up for $70 a night, or spend just $29 at the Lafayette International Hostel, if you don't mind bunk beds (anybody slept here and wanna offer a review?). Have a full course meal at Brighton Beach's Gambrinus Seafood and Beer Bar for $30 or so, or visit the Harbor Defense Museum at Ft. Hamilton; admission is free. Anybody else got low-budget activities in Brooklyn to recommend?
Great Days and Nights in Brooklyn for Under $100 [NY Daily News]
Photo by bondidwhat.

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